You'll Never Leave Harlan Fic Exchange 2013!

The fic exchange is MOVING!

That's right!  This year, the You'll Never Leave Harlan Fic Exchange is moving, to be hosted at the Archive of Our Own.  This decision was made to make the exchange accessible to Justified fandom members who may not be LJ familiar or LJ friendly.

The most concentrated amount of Justified fic that I have seen on the internet is on AO3, so a move there, to me, is logical.  That way, all the fic will be posted in one place, where it will get the most visibility!

Worry not, faithful LJers!  This year nvrleaveharlan will still be available to host fic, and commenting and discussion will be encouraged both at the archive and on the community.

Here is the You'll Never Leave Harlan Fic Exchange page on AO3.

Here is the YNLH Fic Exchange 2013 page.  And the sign up form.  Sign ups begin this Friday, March 8th at 12:00 am EST.

You may not be able to see the sign up form until sign ups open.

Sign Ups close Monday, March 18th at 12:00 am EST.  This is a hard deadline.  Sign ups will not be reopened, even if you email the mod.

If you need an AO3 account and don't know how to get one, please email me at norgbelulah at gmail dot com.

Under the cut, you will find two screen caps of sample sign up forms.  Any questions about rules, the new site, new sign up set up, or ANYTHING AT ALL.  Feel free to PM the mod here, or email me at norgbelulah at gmail dot com.
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AGAIN, ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL (or even complaints about the move) can be sent to the mods email.

A quick exchange related poll

I am considering running the You'll Never Leave Harlan exchange on the archive of our own this year.  Here's a quick poll about it:

Do you think running the exchange on AO3 is a good idea?

Yes, I love AO3 and use it all the time!
Yes, but I'l need an invite to get myself an account.
No, AO3 is confusing!
No, I don't have an AO3 account and I don't want one.
No, what the hell is the AO3???
Other answer to be posted in comments.

Random Writing Assignment #1

So every once in a while I run across something in the news or on a blog or whatever that gives me inexplicable inspiration to write Justified fic.  Earlier this week, such a thing happened to me from an io9 article that I read.  

Immediately I started plotting a fic--forget about Yuletide, I had an IDEA!

Then I got to thinking, "Well, this is just my interpretation of this weird news article, what would someone else do with the same crazy prompt?"  So, I decided to post it to the community and see what people come up with.  

And lo, Random Writing Assignment was born!


The fic I'm working on inspired by this article will be linked in a comment on this post as soon as I can get it finished.  If you have an idea and can write a little something, feel free to comment with it below!  Even if it's only a couple hundred words, even if it's only fifty!  Your choice of characters, setting, pairings, you name it!  It just has to germinate from the seed of theis weird little article...and be Justified fic.

If you have any ideas for future Random Writing Assignments, feel free to send them along to me.  I figure this little challenge can be kind of a whenever we feel like it, sort of deal, really casual, no deadlines, no need to sign up or keep track of who participates.  Who knows, maybe no one thinks it's cool but me.  And that's fine!

Thoughts, questions, and challenge fills go in the comments!!  :D

let's have us a whoop-de-do | a justified comment fic meme


The meme starts now and ends when people seem to be done posting. Hard deadline: by the S4 premiere.

Rules are simple this time:

1 - Prompt! Prompts can be anything. A single word, a song lyric, a SHORT scenario. Please no more than a sentence or two.

2 - All prompts should be Justified or crossed with Justified.

3 - Prompt as much as you want, but only one prompt per comment.

4 - The prompting format is thus: Character(s)/Pairing(s), prompt.

5 - After you've filled a prompt, go to the thread below titled Filled Prompts and comment with a link to your fic, the fandom, character(s)/pairing(s), prompt, and any relevant warnings. If your story has an R/NC17 rating, please also include the rating.

6 - Pimp the meme!

*thanks to someotherstorm for the lovely banner!  Please post to all your journals.  <3

EDIT: Customized comment pages have been disabled on the community.  Which means we've lost subject lines on comments.  Please consider adding what you would have used as a subject line as the first line bolded in each comment.