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Summer in Harlan II - A Justified Comment Fic Meme


  Summer in Harlan is a Justified comment fic meme that will run from June 21st, the summer solstice, through Labor Day in the US, September 5.  

Now, for the rules. These, unlike the Marshal code of conduct, are not made to be bent or broken. ;)

‘Scuse Me?

In case you're not familiar with comment fic memes, here's how they work:
- someone leaves a prompt, one per comment, in the format shown below
- someone else fills the prompt with a short, comment-sized ficlet
- everyone reads, enjoys, and leaves feedback for the kind writer before beginning the cycle again. \o/

Now, what’s this all about?

1) Prompt! Prompts can be anything from a specific scenario, to one random word, to new and exciting pairings, to song lyrics, to quotes, to anything else you can think of. Be as general or as detailed as you like!

AUs and crossovers are also welcome.


Ava/Boyd: A Kodiak.
Art, Raylan: Firearms instruction.
Rachel/Tim: Late night.

Guidelines for requesting pairings versus gen fic:

If you are requesting a specific pairing use a backslash between the characters.  (ex. Boyd/Ava or Boyd/Ava/Raylan)

If you are requesting a gen story, or a story with a pairing plus additional characters use "and" or & a comma between characters (ex. Raylan & Tim or Boyd/Ava and Johnny or Art, Tim, Rachel)

If you don't want a specific pairing, but would still like to request a specific type of story, please use the terms gen, het, or slash/femslash.  Please do not use negative language regarding any type of pairing or story (ie no slash, or not het).

In regards to pairings, if you want something specific, BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE.  If it doesn't matter to you, you don't need to be specific, but don't be surprised if the fill you get isn't what you were expecting. 

Additionally, for the ease of the meme and for happiness for everyone, PLEASE FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES. 

2) Write! If you see a prompt that appeals to you, write it!  It doesn't matter if you've not written fic before or are nervous or anything else - this is just about having fun, getting some writing done, and sharing the love. :D

Prompts/fics do not need to be anonymous but anon commenting is enabled for anyone who's feeling especially shy.

More than one person can answer any prompt. When answering a prompt, please label it as FILLED, for ease of finding comment fic (and for compiling to a master list).

If you are not the first writer to comment on a prompt, it is HIGHLY suggested that you TITLE YOUR FIC as well as include the FILLED notation or give some indication in the SUBJECT LINE that you are posting. Otherwise, it's a shame, but those fics collapsed down in the comments tend to go overlooked. 

Additionally, when posting, if your fic is explicitly sexual or violent, or may trigger any readers for any reason (use general fandom common sense here), please provide a warning at the very top of your post.

Feel free to repost any fics you write in your own journal/AO3/wherever else you like and to post a link in a comment here to a longer fic in your LJ if it won't fit in a comment - just as long as you wrote it for this meme!

3) Leave feedback! If you just read a really funny/hot/well-written/shiny fic, feel free to leave a comment telling the author this. Who knows, it might encourage them to write more of the same!

4) Rinse and repeat.

And what do we not like?

1) Being disrespectful about anyone’s fic or choice of prompts. I, as the mod, reserve the right to delete comments that are deemed disrespectful.

2) SPOILING PEOPLE. Anything that's aired in the US is fair game, but any prompts, fics or comments with future spoilers (casting, production or otherwise) should contain a clearly marked warning. Spoiler prompts will also be deleted.

What in hell are these fancy banners?

For pimping the meme! To your journal, to your communities. You can use these banners, OR make your own. The more the merrier!

Thanks and credit must be given to sweetjamielee  and her Good Wife Summer Hiatus Fixathon and bitesize_bones


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