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The Hillbilly Remix Challenge: Sign-ups Open!


The Hillbilly Remix Challenge is, at its most basic an exchange. Write a 500 work fic, receive a 500 word fic in exchange. The difference here, is that all prompts for the exchange must be short passages (one to three sentences) from YOUR OWN WORK, hence, the idea of a remix, but not really. It’s Remix. Hillbilly-style.

Basic Outline of the Hillbilly Remix Challenge

1) Sign up for the exchange by filling out the sign up form and emailing it to norgbelulah at gmail dot com.
2) Receive your assignment via email.
3) Write a complete (no first chapters of long fics or WIPs) 500 word (minimum) fic in the Justified fandom from the prompts given to you in your assignment.
4) Have someone beta read your fic.*
5) Submit your fic to the mods before the deadline.**
6) Once the fics are posted, read as many as you can!
7) Give comment love to as many authors as you can. Bask in general squee and excitement.

*The mod realizes how difficult it may be to find someone willing to beta read for Justified who is not participating in this exchange. There will be a beta post on this community that will be advertised around to our affiliates. Additionally, keep in mind beta readers do not need to be familiar with canon to edit for grammar, etc.

**Extensions will be granted on a case by case basis. If you know you have to drop out, inform the mod ASAP. A pinch hitter request post will go up shortly after sign ups open, volunteer if you can.


Sign ups open Fri August 10th.

Sign ups close Sunday August 19th.

Assignments out by Friday August 24th.

Check in by emailing the mod at least 100 words of rough draft by September 16th.

Deadline for submitting your fic is Sun October 15th.

Posting the following week.

A Few Other Guidelines

Read the rules/guidelines carefully. The challenge is something I just made up. I’m trying to outline everything carefully and thoughtfully, but, if there's something you don't understand, please ask.

You need to be a livejournal user and a member of nvrleaveharlan. The challenge will be coordinated through the community, and all participants will be expected to keep up to date. Sorry, dreamwidth people, it will be easier to ensure that everyone stays in touch with the community this way.

Respond promptly to moderator e-mails and keep current with community postings. The mod will not be spamming your inbox, but there may be times I need to get in touch with you. Please make sure you'll be able to check your e-mail regularly.

On crossovers and AUs. We are not asking about them this time around, since you are not required to fulfill anyone’s specific request. If you want to write and AU or crossover, go for it.

On matching authors to recipients. Again, since you are not writing to please anyone, matching this time around will be much more loose. We are still asking matching questions, in order to allow the creative juices to flow a little easier, but don’t feel constricted by any information you are given in your assignment.

More about withdrawing. If you need an extension or if you need to drop out of the challenge altogether, e-mail the mod as soon as possible. It's fine if something comes up and you need to pull out of the exchange, but please, please PLEASE tell the mod. Be honest with yourself about whether or not you can finish, and e-mail the mod if you can't do it. There's no shame in withdrawing. But it is a dick move to disappear on the exchange without a word. Please, don’t be a dick. If you abandon the exchange without emailing the mod, she reserves the right to ban you from future challenges and exchanges hosted on nvrleavehearlan.

Don't contact your prompter. This is still somewhat of an exchange, and the basic idea is that it's a surprise. If you have a question to ask, e-mail the mod and she will find out the answer for you. Please don't post your fic to another community or the AO3 until the exchange is over. Try not to out yourself on public journal entries or other forums where participants can see.

Be gracious when commenting. Participants come from all backgrounds and levels of experience and gift fics will vary. This is more about squee than it is about concrit. Just as in real life, etiquette requires that you be polite regardless of what you receive.

No character/ship bashing AT ALL. This will not be tolerated. Please keep discussion on all exchange posts on an even keel and comments on fic especially positive. The mod reserves the right to delete comments and ban participants from future exchanges at her discretion.

Please completely fill out the sign up form and email it to norgbelulah at gmail dot com with the subject heading YOUR USERNAME - HILLBILLY REMIX SIGN UP.

Fill out this form to the best of your ability. There is no category that is optional, so please fill out the whole thing.

The prompt section must be completed with at least three prompts, taken from your previous work. So, yes, you must have written some kind of fic before signing up for this challenge. This does not have to be Justified fic, but it does have to be something you’ve written. Your prompts can come all from the same story or from a bunch of different stories. The idea of a full remix is to take a whole story and change it around, the idea of the Hillbilly Remix is to take small parts of a story and use them to inspire something completely new.

As with traditional Remix, you do not need to write your fic in order to please your recipient. All you are taking from them is inspiration. While this challenge is an exchange, as in, you write a fic/you get a fic, it is not a gift exchange. While everyone hopes their prompter likes the story they've written, you are not bound by your their likes and dislikes while writing. They are giving you their words, but you are making something new from those words.

All questions regarding character and genre preferences both in writing and reading on the sign up form are to be answered truthfully and completely, but will only be used by the mod to match writers to prompters. You will be sent this information, and you may use it, but you are not required to do so.

Additionally, please no character or pairing bashing in your responses, just be direct and succinct when answering questions about what you do not want to read.

Sign up Form

Your LJ username:

Your email:

Three to five prompts or passages (one to three sentences) taken from your own previous work:

Prompt #1

Prompt #2

Prompt #3

Prompt #4

Prompt #5

Brief description of the kind of fic you like to read:

Top three characters you would like to read fic about:

Top three characters you would NOT like to read fic about:

Any tropes or themes you are triggered by or absolutely do not want to see:

Brief description of the kind of fic you feel comfortable writing:

Top three characters you would not like or feel you CANNOT write about:

Any tropes or themes you specifically do not feel comfortable writing:

Would you be willing to pinch hit?:

Here is a sample sign up form:

Your LJ username: norgbelulah

Your email: norgbelulah at gmail dot com

Three to five prompts or passages (one to three sentences) taken from your own previous work:

Prompt #1 Boyd had stepped into the room, just one step, but it brought him into the light and he smiled at her, very slow but still certain. “Oh Ava,” he’d breathed, “if you were my girl…”


Prompt #2 "You're drunk, Boyd. Very drunk."
"Yes, Raylan. What of it?"


Prompt #3 Boyd had stepped up apace to where Raylan was leaning against the porch railing, he was against the pillar, hip cocked, arms and legs crossed over one another. He didn’t look so much older, but there was something different about his demeanor.


Prompt #4

Prompt #5

*Links to fics are entirely optional and are only to be used for further information if the writer wishes to do so.

Brief description of the kind of fic you like to read: I read just about anything, het slash, femslash and gen. I like both angsty dark!fic and fluff-tastic/humorous fun. I especially like domestic fic and hurt/comfort.

Up to three characters you would like to read fic about: all the characters in my prompts and/or Carol Johnson, David Vasquez, and Winona.

Up to three characters you would NOT like to read fic about: Dickie Bennett and Robert Quarles.

Brief description of the kind of fic you feel comfortable writing: Anything except non-con.

Up to three characters you would not like or feel you CANNOT write about: None.

Would you be willing to pinch hit? Yes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment or PM/email the mod.

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